About Human Agenda

Our Mission

The mission of Human Agenda is to envision a world where the human needs of all can be met, engage the community in forging local institutions that are democratic, cooperative, egalitarian, sustainable, and kind, and take individual responsibility to embody the change we’d like to see. 

Human Agenda believes that human beings require appropriate resources and time as well as an ethic of love to engage in the human need fulfilling activities that make our lives full, meaningful, and satisfying.  Key to meeting our human needs is access to reduced working hours at a livable wage. Without a reasonable work week and reasonable time for other essential human activities like our health, our relationships, our community, our lifelong learning, our civic engagement, and our self-realization, we cannot reach peace, growth, and fulfillment for ourselves, our society, or our world. 


Human Agenda blossomed from energy and activism at the turn of the millennium to focus on an open, independent path of analysis and action with the vision of meeting the human needs of all.  Originally a group studying and analyzing current conditions and how to make transformative change, Human Agenda was incorporated in March 2002 as a 501c3 non-profit organization in San Jose, California.  Gertrude Gertrude Welch served as its first President and Richard Hobbs as the Executive Director.  

For its first 10 years Human Agenda held five annual signature events on the love ethic, a farmworker reality tour, celebration of Take Back Your Time Day, a hunger banquet coinciding with the United Nations Human Rights Day, and a VisionQuest.  Human Agenda continues to engage in education and dialogue through regular Human Agenda Roundtables, but has made the turn from education to advocacy through inter-connected projects focused on democracy, sustainability, reduced work hours, social justice, and loving kindness.