The mission of Human Agenda is to materialize a world where the human needs of all can be met, engaging the community in forging institutions and policies that are democratic, egalitarian, cooperative, kind, and sustainable (the DECKS values of Human Agenda). Key to meeting the clear vision of Human Agenda and the human needs of immigrants is access to high-quality legal immigration services.  Thus, the purpose of CLARO is to provide accessible, high-quality, low-cost legal services to undocumented immigrants in Santa Clara County. The acronym CLARO in Spanish signifies Colectivo Legal Accesible Razonable y Organizado - the Legal Collective that is Accessible, Reasonable, and Organized. Since 2015, CLARO has been providing free accessible immigration consultations and legal services for low-income immigrants.

Through CLARO, Human Agenda will allow local immigrants to turn the current nightmare of discriminatory rhetoric and policies into fulfilling dreams of caring, productive, and well-rounded families and individuals.

Types of Immigration Services Offered

Human Agenda will offer immigration legal services to low-income members of the immigrant community. These benefits will include asylum, cancellation of removal, post-conviction relief and more. For more details, please contact us via email at or call us at 408-759-9571.


Human Agenda is recognized as a non-profit charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  The cost for Human Agenda’s legal services are nominal fees. We do not have membership dues. Human Agenda has primarily relied on board members and its annual Human Rights Banquet to remain sustainable over the years. 

Human Agenda has at its disposal adequate knowledge, information, and experience in immigration law and procedure. Richard Hobbs, Executive Director of Human Agenda, is a California licensed immigration attorney and active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1990. His case work has ranged from naturalization to removal defense. Isabel Soto, another leading CLARO attorney, also serves with AILA as the regional Liaison to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration court. She is experienced in removal defense including the representations of immigrant at bond, master calendar, and individual hearings. 

To learn more about the legal services of CLARO, please call us at (408) 759-9571.