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  • Le Boulanger 1351 Lincoln Ave San Jose, CA, 95125 United States (map)

A number of people including Chuck Rawlings, Dale Bracey, Karita Hummer, Dennis King, Karen Wald, Elizabeth Sarmiento, Mike Yoshimoto, Sharat Lin, Susan Marsland, Shamako Noble, and Sandy Perry have expressed interest in how to promote cooperatives in San Jose. 

You are invited to an informal discussion at 9 am on Saturday, August 9 at Le Boulanger, 1351 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125. 

Richard Hobbs, Executive Director of Human Agenda, will begin by providing a short presentation on “Lessons Learned: The Meaning of Mondragon”, regarding the recent Emulation Tour to the 120 Mondragon cooperatives in northern Spain. 

Please bring your ideas on the importance of creating cooperatives in order to build a world based on democracy, equality, cooperation, sustainability, and kindness.