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Prop 49 / MTA Pledge to Amend Campaign

  • AACI 2400 Moorpark Ave., Room 210 San Jose, CA (map)

Human Agenda is the fiscal sponsor of Santa Clara County Move To Amend and currently moderates MTA meetings. It also moderates the Yes on Prop 49 / MTA Coalition that recently launched a Pledge to Amend Campaign modeled on the national MTA language for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to abrogate unlimited money as political speech and the US Supreme Court’s flawed concept of corporate personhood. 
In Santa Clara County Human Agenda and Move To Amend are working with a broad Prop 49 coalition asking local elected officials and candidates to sign a pledge in support of the 28th Amendment language.  The request along with background information and a pledge form have been sent to 187 federal, state, county, and city elected officials and candidates within Santa Clara County.  Democracy activists are urgently needed to contact these elected representatives and candidates before the September 30 deadline given to them.  Contact John Fioretta at .  Contact information for your elected representative and candidates will be forwarded to you.    
On September 27 the Prop 49 / MTA Pledge to Amend Campaign will consider how to publicize the results received by September 30: how should we publicize the supporters and opponents of 28th Amendment language?  Social media, e-mailings, letters to the editor, etc. will all be considered.  In addition, this new formation is planning a January 2015 denouncing the 5thAnniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling inCitizen’s United
According to the Prop 49 campaign, which has been officially suspended due to the decision of the California Supreme Court, candidates who support the 28thAmendment language get a boost at the polls of 2-4% over their opponents. 
This is so because the vast majority of Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike, are sick and tired of the corrupting influence of big money in political campaigns and the undue influence of corporations over our lives, at the expense of meeting the needs of flesh and blood (not corporate) human beings.  More than 100 million Americans in sixteen states and five hundred cities have called for an end to the systemic corruption and erosion of democracy from unlimited political spending.