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USSF Cooperative Economics Working Group

  • Human Agenda Office 2175 The Alameda, Suite 103 San Jose, CA, 95126 United States (map)

Consider alternative structures and institutions that are Democratic, Egalitarian, Cooperative, Kind, and Sustainable (DECKS).  Unlike private banks, multinational corporations, the patriarchal family, the federal electoral system, or the WTO, we can create transparent and democratic economic, political, and social institutions. 

At the March 12 meeting:

  • Get an update on key points from the study of the book What Then Must We Do? by Gar Alperowitz
  • Review the work of local efforts to create cooperatives. 
  • Discuss the idea of creating Cooperation Silicon Valley, post-US Social Forum in San Jose in June
  • Refine and discuss twelve (12) critical human needs areas needing DECKS-based analysis in the future including care work, food, clothing, housing, health care, education, manufacturing, energy, transportation, arts & culture, communications, and decision-making.
  • Most importantly, finalize the program for recruiting local considered residents to the US Social Forum Movement School on Friday evening April 17 and Saturday 18.  Below at #5 of this e-letter are the speakers invited and the tentative agenda.

For questions please contact Richard Hobbs at