Solidarity Housing for a Cause


Guests Can Stay in Solidarity Housing, Not a Corporate Hotel, At One-Fourth the Cost!

The United States Social Forum (USSF) in San Jose on June 24-28 is offering SOLIDARITY HOUSING FOR A CAUSE.  By paying about one-fourth what an attendee at the USSF would pay in a corporate hotel in Silicon Valley, increasing the profit of the 1% and the exploitation of hotel workers, the attendee can help build a cooperative economy by making a tax-deductible donation to the Smart Yards Cooperative. 

This is the perfect triage for both guests at the US Social Forum as well as for the individuals and organizations that will host the guests:

1.       Guests will make a tax deductible donation of $25 per night, a significant savings for them.

2.       Solidarity hosts will make a key contribution to the US Social Forum and the guests by offering a warm homestay instead of an impersonal hotel stay and by contributing to a needed worker owned cooperative in formation. 

3.       The worker-owned cooperative in formation, Smart Yards, A Sustainable Landscaping Cooperative, will launch soon after the US Social Forum.  Responding to the need to save water during the California drought and long-term, Smart Yards will install a graywater system hooked to home appliances to water new sustainable yards with natural plants, replacing lawns.  Smart Yards coop members will own the coop, make decisions democratically, and contribute 25% of patronage (profit) to additional future cooperatives, building the cooperative economy. 

Solidarity Housing for a Cause Is a Win-Win-Win-Win.  Solidarity guests to the USSF, solidarity hosts for the solidarity guests, new worker owners, and the homeowners converting their lawns will be forever linked to a solidarity economy of democracy, equality, cooperation, kindness, and sustainability. 

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