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Photo: The Makers

Photo: The Makers

"I came to the U.S. for my children and now they are failing!" -Migrant farmworker mother


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To join in this effort contact Julie Solomon at jsolomon94022@yahoo.com .


Statement of the Case. 

After engaging with farmworker families in migrant housing centers in Gilroy and Watsonville for over a decade, Human Agenda and the Center for Farmworker Families seek to change state regulation thereby allowing migrant farmworker children in Santa Clara County and California to stay at one school year-round, and succeed. Under existing state regulations migrant families in 24 federally subsidized California migrant housing centers are forced to move at least 50 miles away when the growing season is over, disrupting their children's education. These children are required to attend a different school with disarticulated curricula from November to May, the heart of the school year. 

The following short-documentary was made by San Jose State University students: